Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance Counsel for Banks

Counsel for BanksOur attorneys at G. Ortega Law utilize our expertise in business, banking, and law to offer corporate governance counsel for community banks of all types and sizes. We regularly advise on a wide range of matters that your financial institution may face, including:

  • Disclosure requirements
  • Executive compensation
  • Securities law
  • Governance after M&A and other transactions
  • CEO succession planning
  • New regulatory requirements
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Board structure and composition

Our professionals offer guidance and support to help create banking & financial stability through efficient governance and oversight. Corporate governance is ever-changing, but our attorneys are here to help you stay one step ahead and help you make your institution more efficient. We advise board members, whole boards, and senior executives on any issue that your company’s leadership may have.

We assist you in forming corporate governance board and will help make sure you have the proper documentation and third-party involvement you need for the selection process, help you design management compensation packages, and assist you with reviewing and updating charters, bylaws, and governance standards.

Our team is also here for you during issues and crises that require extra care and legal counsel. In addition to ongoing advice and counsel, we also help protect your interests by assisting with matters such as conflict of interest transactions, takeovers, compliance issues, board investigations, and proxy contests. When you need representation for corporate governance issues for your financial institution, choose a team with the expertise to help you navigate these sensitive matters.

Banking & Financial Stability for Community Banks

Corporate governance is essential to banking & financial stability and the economy as a whole. Weaknesses and vulnerabilities in your governance structure can put your institution, the banking sector, and the economy at significant risk. Therefore, our legal professionals help you optimize your governance to help protect your interests and the interests of all. We have experience in banking, business, and law, which makes us a strong choice for your corporate governance counsel. Our attorneys understand the complexities involved in governance for banks according to the many rules and regulations that apply to your institution.

Community banks keep our local economy strong and help it grow, which means it’s essential to protect banking & financial stability for your community bank. We are here to help you maximize efficiency to help your institution improve its performance and continue to grow. Our team offers practical counsel and support to help you keep your bank healthy so you can continue to serve our community.

We get to know your institution’s goals and objectives and use them to create a custom plan for corporate governance and banking & financial stability. Our team at G. Ortega Law offers board counsel for risk identification and management, overall corporate strategy, and protecting your institution’s interests. In addition, we offer guidance and support through filing regular reports and disclosures to maintain banking compliance. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help enhance your community bank’s corporate governance and offer practical solutions for a wide range of matters your institution may face.