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Corporate Structuring

Corporate StructuringCorporate structuring affects your company in several ways, from taxation to personal liability. We offer counsel for corporate structuring and business organization to help you choose practical solutions for your business. Your corporate attorney will sit down with you to understand your goals and strategies to understand your unique needs.

There are pros and cons to each type of corporate structure. Therefore, our attorneys at G. Ortega Law are here to guide you through the different structures that may fit your business. Discussing your options with a corporate attorney can help you protect your business by choosing the structure that most suits your needs. Some examples of corporate structures include:

  • Incorporation often provides the strongest form of personal liability protection, but you may be subject to double taxation. All corporations must issue stock to shareholders, hold annual meetings, create a board of directors, and appoint officers to manage the business.
  • Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) offer personal liability protection and the flexibility to choose management and type of taxation, whether as a pass-through, partnership, or corporation tax structure. LLCs aren’t required to hold annual meetings like corporations. However, LLCs can’t issue shares to help raise capital and must appoint a registered agent.
  • Partnerships involve two or more owners of a business and there are several options to determine liability. Depending on the type of partnership you form for your business, you may have personal liability for business debts or limited liability similar to an LLC. Partnerships are generally on a pass-through tax structure. While an operating agreement isn’t legally necessary to form a partnership in the state of Texas, it’s vital to protecting each partner’s interests.

We work with you to help determine the corporate structure that will be most practical and advantageous for your business. After offering counsel for structuring, our team then helps you with all the legal processes to officially create your business. Depending on the structure you choose, this may include submitting a certificate of formation, corporate bylaw documents, and other legal documents.

From Partnerships to New Entities

Whether you are forming a new entity or creating a new partnership agreement for your expanding business, our corporate law professionals are here to provide the services you need for your business. We offer corporate law services for a wide range of businesses, addressing the individual needs of your company at every turn.

Our team of corporate attorneys have experience in both business and corporate law to assist you in maximizing profits and efficiency for your company. We offer guidance while choosing officers for your corporation, minimizing risk and liability, and creating business contracts that serve your interests. Our focus is to provide you with the legal support you need to remain successful. Contact us today to discuss your legal needs and learn more about how our service can help your business.