Corporate Workouts

What is a Corporate Workout?

Corporate WorkoutAt G. Ortega Law, we advise and guide financially distressed companies through workouts using our extensive experience in business, banking, and law. Our attorneys negotiate with your creditors during a corporate workout to help create solutions for financial hurdles your business faces. We offer multidisciplinary legal counsel for your corporate workout to find creative solutions for debt forgiveness and restructuring loans and assets for enhanced cashflow and liquidity.

A corporate workout is an out-of-court process where debtors and creditors come to an agreement about how to forgive debt or restructure payment plans if a business finds itself unable to pay for business debt. Workouts are often less expensive, more flexible, faster, and more private compared to bankruptcy proceedings.

If your business finds itself in distress and unable to repay business loans or other debt, our attorneys provide help in finding creative solutions for debt repayment. We provide corporate workout counsel and representation to help guide your business back to profitability and success.

Lawyer for Corporate Bankruptcy

In addition, our attorneys offer guidance and support for corporate bankruptcy. The most common types of bankruptcies for businesses are Chapter 7 and Chapter 11. We offer counsel to help you determine which type of bankruptcy is right for your company and then assist you in negotiating the intricacies of corporate bankruptcy.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is also known as a liquidation bankruptcy, as it resolves debts if your business will cease operations. However, Chapter 11 is more commonly used because it allows your business to continue operating and pay debts over time with a new payment plan. At G. Ortega Law, we help guide you through the bankruptcy process and help you strategize and formulate new payment plans for Chapter 11 bankruptcies.

Our attorneys offer counsel on dealing with creditors, filing documents, repayment plans, and repossession or foreclosure matters for your business. We have successfully led organizations out of Chapter 11 bankruptcies and helped them optimize their operations for efficiency and financial stability.

If your business is dealing with financial difficulties, don’t face your creditors on your own. Contact our team for experienced counsel and representation during your corporate workout or bankruptcy. We use our expertise in law, business, and banking to help you find solutions when you can’t repay business debt.