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Happy Holidays from Giancarlo “John” Ortega

Looking back at 2020 & Forward to 2021

G Ortega Law, Houston Outsourced General CouselGiancarlo “John” Ortega has put together a short video recapping 2020 for the law firm and shares G. Ortega Law’s goals are for 2021. The focus – loan document preparation for lenders and borrowers. 2020 has been tough on so many small to mid-market businesses and community banks, take advantage of Mr. Ortega’s vast experience in both the banking and legal industries moving into 2021. The proper management of PPP loans received in 2020, will become focal for many in 2021. Depending on the length and effects of Covid-19, there may be another round of government loans in early 2021. Consider adding Mr. Ortega and his law firm to your business strategy team as an outsourced general counsel. We offer competitive rates for businesses and banks that don’t have a need for in-house counsel.