Loan Issues

Why G. Ortega Law for Loan Issues?


I hope this email finds you well. As banks continue to assess the risk in their portfolios, they may begin to put pressure on their borrowers. As a former bank CEO, I can help your business navigate through these discussions.

At G. Ortega Law, we work with business owners of all sizes and industries. If you find your business experiencing challenges with your credit facility, let us utilize our experience in banking and the law to help guide you through these challenges.

We work with a wide range of industries to provide legal counsel for unique adverse situations your business may face, including:

  • Loan modifications
  • Distressed debt 
  • Negotiating loan covenant waivers
  • Debt restructuring
  • Navigating bankruptcy 
  • Company reorganization
  • Alternative financing sources 

I hope this information offers additional insight into the services we provide.