What is Corporate Restructuring?

Corporate RestructuringOur team uses our expertise in business, banking, and law to help your company with corporate restructuring. When your business faces challenges such as financial distress, restructuring can help you avoid bankruptcy and improve your organization’s performance. We work with you to help maximize profits and minimize losses when you need corporate restructuring.

Some common reasons you may consider corporate restructuring include:

  • Changes in strategy
  • Low profits
  • Cash flow challenges
  • Distressed debt

During a corporate restructuring, our attorney offers insight and guidance to help you develop a restructuring strategy that suits your needs and your goals. Depending on your company’s specific situation, we may offer counsel on corporate reorganization, financial reorganization, workouts, or M&A deals for reducing size. The goal of corporate restructuring is to help make your operations more efficient and improve value for shareholders.

At G. Ortega Law, our team offers experience in a wide range of matters. We help find creative solutions for your corporate restructuring. We offer a multidisciplinary approach to restructuring, which allows us to offer counsel throughout the entire process and also on an ongoing basis.

Our attorneys offer guidance for changing policies, optimizing operations, corporate governance, loan workouts, bankruptcy, and many other matters that you may face during a corporate restructuring. We get to know your business so we can offer customized advice for your needs.

Practical Restructuring Counsel for Financial Distress

If your company is facing bankruptcy, filing for a Chapter 11 bankruptcy allows you to continue operations and negotiate new payment terms for your debt. Chapter 11 bankruptcy also often requires corporate restructuring efforts to make your operations more efficient. We offer legal counsel and representation for corporate restructuring during bankruptcy to help lead your business back to profitability.

During a bankruptcy, our attorneys help negotiate with your creditors and find strategies to address the complexities of your company’s difficulties. We understand that there’s no standard answer for corporate restructuring and bankruptcy. Instead, we look at your company’s unique situation and objectives to discover solutions tailored to your business.

Whether you need help with out-of-court corporate restructuring or Chapter 11 bankruptcy restructuring, our team at G. Ortega Law is here to provide the support and counsel you need. Contact us today to discuss your case with our team.