Private Placements

Counsel for Private Placements & Securities

Private Placements & SecuritiesPrivate placements help your company raise capital and are often less expensive than public offerings. We offer counsel for private placements & securities to help you maintain securities compliance for private placements. Generally, private placements are exempt from SEC registration requirements. However, these funding options are still subject to the same laws and regulations as public offerings, which is why you need a securities lawyer on your side for private placements.

To date, G. Ortega Law has assisted with over $20 million in private placement transactions. Our team is here to help you prepare, negotiate, and review private placements for regulatory compliance and effective funding for your company.

While private offerings aren’t subject to registration from the SEC, you must still provide the same information as you would in an SEC registration filing. Therefore, legal counsel for private placements & securities is essential to help minimize risks and correct errors that could lead to legal action against your company.

We help you draft a private placement memorandum (PPM) to fulfill this requirement. Your company’s PPM must include information that helps potential investors understand the risks and terms of the private placement. This information includes documents such as financial statements, biographies for management and executive officers, detailed information about your operations, and other information that helps investors understand the investment.

In addition to SEC requirements, we also offer counsel for private placements & securities Blue Sky laws. In Texas, in addition to SEC regulations on private placements, there are other restrictions that may apply, such as limits on the number of investors who purchase private offerings. Our attorneys help your company understand and comply with federal and state securities laws and support you through the complex process of private placements.

General Counsel for Securities Law

Many rules and regulations apply to private placements, but your securities lawyer is here to help guide you through private securities laws to help prevent legal issues. We advise on all different aspects of private offerings, from what the SEC considers as advertising or solicitation for private securities to whether you need to revise your private placement strategy or go public instead.

Our attorneys are here to provide counsel for private placements & securities, whether you need PPM drafting or negotiation services for private placement agreements with your investors. We offer years of experience in the business world as well as in business law to help offer practical insights on private placements and following securities law.

At G. Ortega Law, we offer our services for specific matters or on an on-going basis to help you remain compliant with securities laws and regulations. If you need legal advice for private securities, contact our team today.